SKU : UU560002A

Paws Earth Brown Large Cremation Ashes Pet Urn 1.1l



Cubic Inches

Please note: This urn will take 7-10 days for delivery. 

This Bio Urn is made of bio-organic materials offering an environmentally friendly option. The urn will start decomposing as soon as it is lowered into the ground. It will decompose completely after 1 – 3 months depending on soil composition and quality – returning to the ‘circle of life’. If immersed in water, the urn will biodegrade within 3 days. The biodegrading process will not begin if the urn is interred in a columbarium or placed at home. Each urn is shipped in a box with custom made protective packaging. The urn (with packaging) will pass through airport security screenings and can fit in the overhead compartment of most commercial airliners.

Material: Bio-organic 

Finish: Sand

Approx Size: 18 x 14 (cms)

Approx Capacity: 65 cubic inches - suitable for cremains of pet bodyweight 65 pounds or 29kg. 

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