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The Ellington Bead Suncatcher




Cubic Inches
Please allow 14-21 days for delivery once ashes are received 

Our new Ashes Bead Sun-catchers will perfectly present your Ashes Bead for you once placed in a bright window and will catch the sunlight beautifully. .
Free Postage and Packing. *Only Round/Original sized beads will fit in the sun-catcher. Handcrafted with care in a wide range of Ten colours, please have a look at our colour collection page to find your favourite colour. 

When you make your order with us we will send you our Eternity Bead pack which will include a self stamped address envelope and a vial for you to send the ashes to us.

Each suncatcher comes with a velvet bag. 

Available in 10 colours.

Each bar measures 20mm

A portion of the profits from this item will go to the NC TLC trust which aims to support childeren with Tumours, Leukaemia and other Cancers. Along with their families. See link below for further details on this charity and their work. 


A portion of the profits from this item will go to the Alfe's Cause which aims to support childeren with long term ilnesses and their families. Further info available here:

Raising awareness of childhood cancer and supporting families whose child has a long term illness

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2 reviews for URNS UK
Our beautiful suncatchers arrived today. We are so happy with them. The process was easy + much quicker than I expected. Extremely happy we purchased from you. We love them.
This is the second dreamcatcher I have ordered and is just as beautiful as the first one. My nan absolutely loves it + finds comfort with it hanging in her window knowing a piece of her daughter (my mum) is with her always.
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