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Raku Cremation Ashes Urn 3 - Blue Splash



Cubic Inches

Please note this urn takes 7-14 days for delivery.

Raku Urns have a unique manufacturing process which gives them value and individuality. 

These cremation urns undergo a quick firing process and are removed from the kiln when the glazes have reached maturity. This in turn transforms the glaze into a canvas of vibrant colours with a hint of lustre. 

They are then finished to create an urn as unique as the individual it will serve.  Each cremation urn is one of a kind and not repeatable, a perfect tribute for your loved one.  

Particulars of this design:

  • Handmade Ceramic Urn
  • Loose lid which can be secured using a silicone sealant
  • H 24cm x W 19cm
  • Vol 3.8L / 230 cubic inches - sutiable for the cremated remains of an adult body weight approx 230 lbs or 105 kg
Please note that no two urns of this design will be exactly the same - there will be minor differences due to the nature of the production process.



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