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Autumn Wood Cremation Ashes Scattering Tube 240CI


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Cubic Inches

The ‘Autumn Wood’ Ashes Scattering Tube can be used to scatter ashes/cremated remains on land or water.  Theses Ash Scatter tubes are designed to simplify the scattering process featuring a perforated tab which can be pushed in prior to scattering.  In addition, these tubes contain no plastic or metal parts. It could also be floated on water or buried in the earth where it will dissolve or degrade becoming one with the earth.   This urn has a diameter of 12.8cm and a height of 37cm with a capacity of 240 cubic inches (3.9 litres) – suitable for an adult of up to bodyweight 105kg.

 We also have ash scatter box which are beautifully crafted by our craftsmen.We deliver ash scatter tubes and ash scatter box all around UK.

These cremation urns are generally suitable for airline travel in UK- however please check with you airline beforehand.

Other sizes are available too. 

Material: Paper Card

Finish: Autumn Wood Print

Approx Exterior Size: L 13 x W 13 x H 37 (cms)

Approx Interior Size: L 13 x W 13 x H 31.5 (cms)

Approx Weight: 0.3kg 

Approx Capacity: 240 cubic inches - suitable for cremains of bodyweight upto 240lbs or 109kgs. 

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