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Serenity Water Burial Pillow Urn Angel



Cubic Inches

We are committed to offering a good choice of environmentally-friendly cremation urns.  Many believe in the circle of life and prefer to return the remains of the deceased back to nature.

Our Serenity Water Burial Pillow Urn is 100% eco-friendly and made from fully sustainable paper and organic inks.

This urn is designed for water burial, but can also be used for land burial.  Once placed in water, these urns float briefly before gracefully sinking to the water bed.  The urn will then break down over a few hours until completely becoming one with nature.

Available in a variety of designs, each urn comes with a water soluble bag to ensure your ashes are safe and secure to ensure your loved ones final journey is dignified.


Material: Paper

Approx size: L 35 x W 32 x H 7.5 (cms)

Approx capacity: 220 cubic inches - suitable for Cremains of an adult body weight approx 220lbs or 100kg.

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