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CLEARANCE Laughing Buddha Art Cremation Ashes Urn

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Cubic Inches

This irresistibly cheerful urn is the ideal option for both Buddhists and those seeking an uplifting resting place for their loved one.

The ‘Laughing Buddha’ motif is popular across Asia, celebrating the popular Buddhist monk Budhai, known for his joyful demeanour and resilience in the face of physical hardship. Statues of Budhai are meant to bring happiness and good fortune.

Our Laughing Buddha urn is made with a bright, silvery metal alloy, contrasting nicely with the darker metal base. Cast and finished by hand, it’s a unique and special tribute to someone who faced trials with equanimity and brought joy with them wherever they travelled.


Material: Aluminium Sculpture/Metal Box

Finish: Nickel

Approx Exterior Size: L 20 x W 25 x H 30 (cms)

Approx Box Interior Size: L 19 x W 23.5 x H 8.5 (cms)

Approx Box Exterior size: L 20 x W 25 x H 9.5 (cms)

Approx Weight: 5.2kg

Approx Capacity: 194 cubic inches - suitable for Cremains of an adult body weight approx 194lbs or 88kg.


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Susan Jones
Bought this for my late husband's ashes as he was a large and jolly chap! Now I can remember him with a smile. I would recommend this product.
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