29 Jun 2017 | By Urns Uk


As we all know, life is short and death is certain. We as humans make hundreds of relations in the limited span of time we have and get attached emotionally to people. It is extremely painful to see a dear one die. The trauma that one goes through by losing a loved one is incomprehensible. It feels as if a lump has been stuck up in your heart and one cannot express this feeling in words with anyone. A person is left with the beautiful memories spent with the deceased person and these memories only keep him going throughout the rest of life. There are multiple ways in which those sweet memories can be recalled but one of the most special ways is to have the ashes of the loved one preserved in a Cremation Urn.

 A variety of Memorial Urns are available today but the most rustic and warm out of them is the Wooden Cremation Urns.They not only look natural but are traditional as well. The wonderful memories of the cherished one can be remembered by safeguarding their ashes in a wooden urn.  A Wooden Cremation Urn looks elegant as well as traditional. They store the ashes of the deceased person and helps you recall the sweet memories spent with the loved one whenever you like. Wooden Urns are made up of different types of woods from trees such as oak, mahogany, peak, walnut etc. They look so refined only because the finest quality of the wood is used to make them.

Wooden Urns are handcrafted and only a professional can make a beautiful wooden urn. The amount of time and skill required in making a wooden urn is huge and even the equipment and materials used to make it plays an important role. They are available in different shapes such as square, pyramid, oval etc. Also, one can choose from different sizes as well.

They can be customized according to one's needs. Many Wooden Urns can be engraved and short notes can be written on them so as to make it even more special. Brass plates are also used on the wooden urn so as to highlight the name of the deceased person. A wooden urn looks absolutely stunning and is well polished as well.

It is one of the most popular Cremation Urns today because of its long life as well as its traditional touch.