Transform The Memories And Ashes Into Jewellery, Making It A Forever Heirloom

17 Aug 2018 | By Urns Uk

Topics: Transform The Memories And Ashes Into Jewellery, Making It A Forever Heirloom

Only those who have experienced the grief of losing someone close they love can understand how difficult it is to cope up with the grief. It is something that will not just leave us shattered but will also stop us from living back that normal life. Unfortunately, we can't keep them now as they are gone from the physical world. But fortunately, we can use keepsake and memorial jewellery in order to keep their memories close. These days not just standard designs of cremation jewellery are available. One can also get the ashes into jewellery transformed. It will result in a beautiful creation that is also a totally unique idea. In addition to this, it is also a discreet way of keeping that person close, even after they are gone. Getting the ashes transformed into these stunning glass jewellery pieces, one can definitely cherish the memories of the beloved person's soul. Ashes to jewellery are no less than an exquisite work of art that allows you to carry the loved ones always close to your heart.

As we all know that men and women both have unique ways of experiencing their grief. Men always try to hide what they feel or suppress their emotions. Men or basically the shy kind of people are always in search of discreet ways to cherish and keep the deceased person in remembrance. Nowadays, even the ashes jewellery for men are also available. Getting jewellery made from ashes of loved ones is one of the dignified and discreet ways of cherishing the deceased soul. Ashes into jewellery is a modern concept that gives a look of glass when the jewellery is being crafted. Those who are choosing the transformation of ashes to glass, they are taking a step to make a jewellery piece that lasts forever. 


Available in various shades such as blue, red, gold lilac, cobalt blue, pearl pink, enchanted, amber, fine green, these ashes bead pendants are created to serve the purpose of a keepsake that lasts forever. This bead pendant is crafted taking a huge level of care in mind and by infusing the ashes into coloured glass beads.


Perfect to be worn in day to day life, these ashes earrings are handcrafted keeping in mind the fact that these ashes of your beloved must be transformed with care. Ashes are fused with a clear molten glass that is expertly layered to create a long-lasting tribute that is beautiful enough to cherish the deceased person.


As one gets to choose from various colour variants like black, red or blue, these ashes pendant acts as a personal tribute and a keepsake memorial to last forever. You can wear them easily without any hassle and pair them with a stunning sterling silver chain or a gold one, whichever you prefer matching it with your pendant.