25 Jul 2017 | By Urns Uk


Everyone must have gone through the unbearable pain of losing a loved one. It is one of the most testing times and it takes a lot to deal with the trauma. When a loved one takes his heavenly abode, the family is left devastated.

Death is predestined and it is extremely difficult for the people left behind to deal with the aftermath. Grief takes over us and the intensity of sadness one feels is incomprehensible. The agony and misery one goes through is heart-wrenching. Life takes a halt and the beautiful memories spent with the loved one keeps on coming back and forth in our mind. It is a time when we feel that no one understands our pain and therefore we want to stay secluded for a long time. All we are left with are the beautiful memories of the loved one.

 A unique way in which one can preserve the memories as well as relive the lovely days is by buying a piece of Cremation Jewelry. One can choose from the variety of Memorial Jewelry available today such as Ashes Pendants, Bracelets, Rings etc. Cremation Jewelry is a special way in which one can preserve the ashes of the deceased one and can feel a lot closer to that person. They look extremely elegant and classy. They can be made up of sterling silver, gold, stainless steel etc.

 To make a piece of Memorial Jewelry much more exclusive one can get a Fingerprint of the loved one engraved on it. The jewelry piece will then be known as a Fingerprint Jewelry.

Anyone, be it a parent, wife, husband's fingerprint can be taken and imprinted.

 Each and everyone has a different fingerprint. A piece of Fingerprint Jewelry is one of a kind and has a special significance attached to it.

Any pendant, ring, bracelet, earrings etc can be taken and a fingerprint or a thumbprint of the person can be imprinted on it.Even one can get a paw print of his beloved pet engraved on the piece of Jewelry as well. Fingerprint Jewelry is a unique way to make a Cremation Jewelry much more special. Fingerprint Jewelry act as a perfect memorial and looks extraordinary.

A small sweet note or the name of the loved one can be engraved on the side of the Fingerprint so as to make it an exclusive one. One can custom design the piece of Fingerprint Jewelry as per his needs too. Only a team of highly skilled professionals can make a beautiful Fingerprint Jewelry.It is indeed a special way in which one can keep a little part of the deceased person.A Fingerprint Jewelry is preferred more than an urn because one can wear it all the time without any hassle and feel way more connected to the loved one. It is indeed a perfect tribute to your loved one.


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