31 Aug 2017 | By Urns Uk


Death is the ultimate truth of life and we all have to be a part of it sooner or later. It is the utmost harsh reality and only those who have lost a dear one in life can actually understand it. When a person close to our takes his heavenly abode it turns our world upside down and leaves us completely traumatized. All the hopes and happiness of the world takes a backseat and life seems unbearable. The memories spent with the loved one is the only source of happiness at such point of time. One can cherish the sweet memories of the loved one in the form of Cremation Urns. A Memorial Urn not only provides the family with comfort and solace at the times of emotional breakdowns but also acts as a tribute to the deceased one. There are a variety of urns available today and one of the most chosen, inexpensive urns available today are the bio urns.

Biodegradable Urns are a type of urns that are made up of biodegradable materials such as clay, sand, ceramic, paper etc. These types of urns are made so that the family can decompose the ashes of the loved one in nature itself. A Bio Urn can be decomposed in the sand as well as water too. Also, it takes minimum time for a bio urn to dissolve. They are highly chosen because of their extraordinary qualities that are they are good for the environment, saves land spaces and eventually, the person goes back to its natural state. Due to the rise of pollution, many people have now started opting for biodegradable cremation urns. There are different shapes and sizes that are available in Bio Urns. Some famous shapes are Vase shape and Oval shape. Also one can choose the size of the urn according to his/her requirement. One can add a photo on the urn and decompose it then so that the family can visit the site whenever they feel miserable and distressed. With the help of an Adult Biodegradable Cremation Urn, the twin purpose of buying an urn and saving the environment as well can be met. It is a special as well as a unique way in which one can cremate the ashes of the loved one.


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