7 of Our Most Beautiful Urns to Keep Forever

22 May 2018 | By Kirsty Judge c/o Urns UK

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7 of Our Most Beautiful Urns to Keep Forever


Having a loved one’s ashes with you at home can be a brilliant source of comfort, reminding you every day of the life you shared together. But settling on a permanent urn for those ashes can be a struggle – especially since there are so many different options to choose from.

Not to worry. For those who need a little inspiration, we’ve picked out seven stunning urns that you’ll be proud to keep in your home forever. Let’s take a look …


Looking for something special? Every Blue Crystal Urn is different

The complex and almost luminous swirl of colours on this Blue Crystal Cremation Urn are a result of raku firing, a traditional Japanese technique that translates as ‘happiness in the accident’.

Why? In a raku firing, the urn is taken out of the kiln red-hot and plunged into ignitable materials, creating a different reaction in the glaze each time. This means that every Blue Crystal Urn is as unique as the person it’s chosen for.

Find out more about the Blue Crystal Urn here.


The intricately engraved Banbury Brass Heart is a perfect keepsake

A keepsake urn is a smaller resting place for ashes, ideal if you are perhaps sharing ashes with family members or keeping a small amount after a scattering.


The Banbury Brass Heart Keepsake Urn is the perfect example. At 7.5cms across, it’s a comforting weight in your palm – but it truly stands out for its intricately hand cast design. Engraved with a delicate pattern of intertwining leaves, it is a simple but powerful way to celebrate someone who will stay in your own heart forever.

Find out more about the Banbury Brass Heart Keepsake Urn here.

Enjoy light and comfort with the Christ Cremation Keepsake Urn

This soothing keepsake urn is a thoughtful symbol of how your loved one continues to bring light into your life. It includes a small candle, which, when lit, will cast a warm and comforting glow in any room. Each carefully moulded rosebud-like urn is fired at exactly 1,200°C, helping to ensure its longevity and bestowing a lustrous finish.

Find out more about the Christ Cremation Keepsake Urn here.

Celebrate a true nature lover with the Pebbles Urn

Looking for something a little different? This ceramic sculpture echoes the smooth contours of pebbles worn down by the tides, making it a wonderfully tactile alternative to more traditional urns. This natural feel makes the Pebbles Cremation Urn the ideal tribute to a loved one who spent their life taking pleasure in the outdoors.

Find out more about the Pebbles Urn here.


For a contemporary feel, try the Richmond Green Urn

This stunning hand-cast aluminium cremation urn stands out thanks to an elegant contemporary silhouette. The sleek, glossy design and lightly speckled moss-emerald enamel make the Richmond Green Urn both a beautiful home for ashes and a natural presence in modern and minimalist homes. Meanwhile, a threaded secure lid will keep your loved one’s ashes safe and sound.

Find out more about the Richmond Green Urn here.


The Blue Splash Urn has a timeless beauty

Another one-of-a-kind raku fired piece, every Blue Splash Cremation Urn has its own unique swirl of deep cobalt blue on a delicately speckled cream background. Combining a classic shape with an abstract glaze that’s different on every piece, the timeless design makes the Blue Splash Urn the perfect permanent home for a loved one’s ashes.

Find out more about the Blue Splash Urn here.


The Newquay Ashes Casket is warm but dignified

The Newquay is a classic wood ashes casket, crafted right here in the UK from solid utile wood. Mahogany-like in its warm reddish hue, British craftsmanship and beautiful African wood make this distinguished ashes casket strong enough stand the test of time. A subtle and dignified home for your loved one’s ashes.

Find out more about the Newquay Ashes Casket here


For a truly personal tribute, try the Multi Twist Sphere Keepsake Urn

Hand-blown to order from high quality Bohemia Crystal, a Multi Twist Sphere Keepsake Urn is a completely unique tribute to your loved one. No two spheres are ever the same – just as no two people are, either. The intricately swirled design conceals an inner chamber for up to 6 cubic inches of ashes, making it a discreet, charming alternative to traditional cremation urns.

Find out more about the Multi Twist Sphere Keepsake Urn here.


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