About Us

It is a heart wrenching and difficult time when a loved one passes onto eternity. One consideration, which is probably the most important, is deciding on the perfect memorial for your loved one. We are a family run business specialising in the supply of crematory and memorial products. We wholesale and distribute and so can offer competitive prices to our online customers. 

We are certain that you will find something fitting for your loved one in our range of products. It is important to know that EACH product is individually hand crafted by skilled artisans – giving each piece the love and attention it demands.
If your cherished loved one was a pet, we can offer you a wide range of pet cremation products. These include token keepsakes to cremations urns. 

We understand that your visit to our site is not under the best circumstances, but we hope you will find that special memorial for your loved one at Urns UK helping you find some consolation in Keeping The Memory Alive....